Workforce (1)

As a whole, the Treasure Valley (Metro Area) has experienced unprecedented employment growth over the past decade and a half. The Treasure Valley's notoriety for a high quality of life makes employee attraction highly attainable as shown by the consistent ranking as one of the Top Ten Metros for In-Migration. 

With over 355,000 energetic individuals within a 45-minute draw, you are certain to find the talent you need. 


When it comes to education, our workforce has what it takes, with 44.42 percent of Eagle's residents having a bachelor’s degree or higher, which is more than one and one-half times that national average.

Some College 25.73% 24.82%
Associate's Degree 9.06% 9.34%
Bachelor's Degree 29.51% 21.29%
Grad Degree 14.91% 10.28%
Total with Degrees 53.48% 40.91%
Total with Bachelor's Degree & Higher 44.42% 31.57%

Pre-K Through 12 Education

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Higher Education
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