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Virtual Custom Car Show! 

This years car show will be showcased to the largest audience it has ever seen before via Facebook! Car owners may submit a maximum of 1 vehicle and a description between 8am on July 5th and 11am on July 11th! Cars will be judged and winners of each category will be announced on July 13th!


Our Virtual Custom Car Show takes place 100% online on our Facebook.


To participate, simply log on to Facebook, click on our event and make a post in the discussion with the following information and pictures:


In the comment section for your post describe the year, make, model, engine and transmission of the vehicle, followed by a brief comment about what makes this car interesting and special. Some topics may include things like, History, How many were made, How long you’ve had it, and Who did the restorations and modifications.


Please include the following four photos and one video that fit the descriptions for each. To keep it fair and simple, entries are limited to one or all of the five total files described here:


One picture showing both the entire front of the vehicle and one entire side. This photo should be the first one you upload. Add a comment about anything interesting in this shot.


One picture showing both the entire rear of the vehicle and the entire side not included in the Front & Side View picture. Basically everything not shown in the first one. Now the judges can zoom in on any part of this baby. Add a comment about anything interesting in this photo.


One picture showing the most appealing part of the vehicle interior. The more it shows the better, so open the door and let the cool come out. Your comments may prompt comments by Virtual Show attendees, and that’s always a good thing.


Pop the hood and show us what moves this thing down the road. Even a stock engine is a beautiful engine when it’s part of a great machine.


Get close to the loud end of the rig. Let us all hear the idle and the growl when you hit the gas. The vehicle may be moving away from the camera, but this category is all about the sounds – even the tamest engine can bring back memories for the judges. This video may only be 10 seconds long.

Prizes & Judging

There will be 5 category trophies for this year’s virtual event. Our categories are as follows: Best Exterior, Best Interior, Best Engine Compartment, Best Sound and Best in Show

Winners will be announced on Facebook July 13th. Winners will be contacted via Facebook. Prizes will be shipped nationally.

Judging will take place on July 11th at 11:00 AM by our staff members. The top 3 cars in each category will then be posted to Facebook. You, the audience, will then vote on your favorite car from each category on Facebook! So make sure to tell your Facebook friends to vote on July 11th!

Uploading to Facebook

If you are new to Facebook, or have any questions, please see the below graphics to help you understand how to post to Facebook!

How to Submit your Car online via Facebook. Please contact us if you need assistance!!

How to Submit your Car online via Facebook. Please contact us if you need assistance!!

Message from the Organizer

Thanks for taking part in the first ever Eagle Fun Days Virtual Car Show. Next year we will be back in three dimensions for the 50th Anniversary of Eagle Fun Days, and we hope to see you there. 

Steve Noyes

City of Eagle Trails and Pathways Superintendent

Didn’t see your question answered? Contact us: Steve Noyes 208-489-8769 or Email

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