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Welcome to our Virtual Recreation Center! 

As we all limit our exposure and continue social distancing City of Eagle Parks and Recreation encourages you to stay active and healthy. The good news is there are plenty of ways we can maintain our active lives, even within social distancing guidelines. Please check out our Virtual Recreation Center on how you and your family can continue living active healthy lives. Want to see something added to our list or have questions? Email us at 


Computer Programming

Learn how to program using games!


Courses, Certificates, & Online Degrees


Learn a new language!

Free Online Courses

1,500 free courses from top Universities


Learn a new skill with Wiki-How

Learn a New Language

Learn 48 different languages online


Learn something new from people around the world!



Bake a Cake

Create a Fort

Create an Experience:

Set up an obstacle course in your backyard (or even in the living room, if you’re up to it.). Create a spa in your bathroom. Have a soda taste test. Build a library complete with a shelving and cataloging system.

Disney Videos

Story time, learn how to draw, and more!

Explore Disney World

Learn a New Recipe Together

Play Charades

Take a Virtual Vacation

Watch a Movie with Friends

View a Virtual Museum

Watch Animals LIVE

Watch a Philharmonic

Watch an Opera


50 Things to Do Inside

Coloring Pages

Education (Khan Academy)

This website provides daily lessons for kids ages K-12.

Explore this HUGE list of Boredom Busters!

Get Your Energy Out Inside

Huge Imagination Games

Learn at Home (Scholastic)

Learn How to Code

Mom I’m Bored

Science Learning (PBS)

Traveling Around the World**

Virtual Field Trips 1 (Discovery Education)

Virtual Field Trips 2 (Road Trip from Home)* 

*Thank you Stephanie & Joanna for the suggestion!

**Thank you Cade & Claire for the suggestion!


Center for Disease Control (CDC)

Coronavirus City Updates

Coronavirus FAQ's

Coronavirus Hotline

Stressed by COVID-19?

1-986-867-1073 (call or text)

1-866-947-5186 (toll free)

Idaho Coronavirus Resources

Idaho Food Bank

Idaho Health & Welfare

Resources for financial assistance, food stamps, child support, welfare, disabilities, and more

Pet Owner Questions

World Health Organization


It is okay not to be okay right now. Please utilize the following resources if you need them. It is ALWAYS okay to reach out when you need help.

Changing Plans and Handling Disappointment

Coping with Stress

Domestic Abuse & Sexual Assault

Idaho Health & Welfare

Resources for mental health services regardless of income or ability.

How to Stay in Touch During Lockdown

Keeping Perspective in a Crisis

Parenting During Coronavirus

Substance Abuse and Mental Health

Suicide Hotline


CLASSES PLUGGED INVirtual Classes will be updated if we should go back to Stage 1 or a stay at home order has been placed by the Governor of Idaho. Thank you for supporting us!

How to join a Zoom Meeting?

We are all in this together. Stay plugged in with family, friends, and loved ones.