Industry Focus

Eagle targets specific industries, activities and opportunities on which to focus our recruitment and retention efforts.  Matching location strengths to industry requirements and to industry demand patterns is critical in target industry identification, and an essential component of an effective economic development strategy.  These defined industries are a match for relocation or expansion of companies and primary jobs in Eagle.
Professional and Business Services
The Professional and Businesses Services sector is made up of three parts: the professional, scientific, and technical services sector (54), the management of companies and enterprises sector (55), and the administrative and support and waste management and remediation services sector (56).   An abundant, well-educated workforce with ample business and financial-related degrees, central location, quality of life amenities that appeal to the highly educated ad the young professional, direct service to major markets, supporting infrastructure, and close proximity to highways and major airports make Eagle a perfect fit for Class A, Class B or garden office uses.
Finance and Insurance Services
The Finance and Insurance Sector (52) is made up of the following subsectors:  monetary authorities, credit intermediation and related activities, securities, commodity contracts, and other financial investments and related activities, insurance carriers and related activities and, funds, trusts and other financial vehicles.  
Retail Trade Sector
The Retail Trade Sector is comprised of two main types of retailers:  store and non-store retailers. Eagle has seen above average growth over the past several years in this sector and the industry is projected to continue growing at a rapid pace.  The following subsectors are primary targets for Eagle:  department stores, general merchandise stores, grocery stores, specialty health food stores, sporting goods stores, hobby stores, clothing and shoe stores, furniture stores, and jewelry stores.  The growing population, flexible commercial options, access to workforce, quality of life and retail supply and demand makes Eagle a perfect location choice for retail.
Leisure & Hospitality 
The Leisure & Hospitality Super Sector are part of the service-producing industries and consist of two (2) sectors; arts, entertainment and recreation (71) and accommodation and food services (72).   Just like the retail trade sector, Eagle's growing population, adequate public infrastructure, access to workforce, quality of life, tourism, access to outdoor recreation and testing of products, viticulture area, and retail supply and demand makes Eagle a strong market for restaurants, breweries, wineries, bars, recreation industries, spectator sports, performing arts, hotels and many other leisure and hospitality industry sectors.
Outdoor Products and Recreation Technology
The City of Eagle recognizes that the outdoor recreation industry contributes to a high quality of life.  Encompassing the Boise River, the Eagle Foothills, Eagle Island State Park, and the Greenbelt, Eagle provides an attractive location for those companies wanting to test their product right outside their back door.  High household and disposable income, and an active community that enjoys time spent on leisure and sports, provides an existing and solid customer base.  In addition, Eagle has access to available semi-skilled labor, as well as white-collar professionals such as design technicians and students with outdoor centric business skills.  And, with direct service to major markets via Boise Airport, close proximity to highway and interstates, and access to business support services, this industry sector is positioned for success.
Health and Wellness Services
The Health and Wellness cluster includes a dynamic and growing group of industries that provide preventive, curative and rehabilitative services.  This sector functions as both a significant economic driver and a vital quality of life asset for our community.  The Healthcare and Social Services industry sector has been one of the fastest growing sectors in Eagle.  It is no surprise that Eagle is a great location choice for health and wellness services, with access to markets/customers, access to major primary healthcare facilities, availability of medical and professional office space, availability of trained healthcare workforce, proximity to institutions of higher learning, proximity to outdoor recreational opportunities, quality of place, reliable communications infrastructure and proximity to population growth center and retirees.
Tourism is already a significant industry sector in the region.  Eagle's central location in the Boise Metropolitan Area and access to major transportation networks makes it a convenient location for smaller conventions and conferences and provides easy access to the region for pleasure visitors.  The city also has its own tourist attractions, includings the Boise River, Eagle Foothills, the Ada/Eagle Sports Complex, Eagle Island State Park, wineries, and other recreational, historical and cultural attractions. 
The Manufacturing Sector is part of the goods-producing industries super sector group.  Although Eagle may not be a competitive market for many of the medium to heavy manufacturing subsectors, Eagle is advancing its competitiveness for specific types of light, advanced and custom manufacturing.  Small, growing clusters of manufacturing currently exist in Eagle with Hydrus Board Tech, Woodlab, 3-Horse Ranch Vineyards, Dude Dewalt Cellars, Eagle Woodwright, High Desert Hardwood, Bentley Door Company, Camille Beckman, and Global Energy & Lighting.

Although the target industry analysis resulted in manufacturing as a whole being more of an emerging industry, for the purposes of the strategic plan, the recreation technology/Outdoor Products subsector is a primary target sector.  Other types of light manufacturing industries could become primary target industries as the City continues to grow and advance its economic development competitiveness. 

In addition, with a high location quotient for manufacturing in the region, Eagle could be a market for suppliers of larger companies.  Eagle has a strong transportation network and proximity to a large customer base.