Planning & Entitlement Process

The following provides a general overview of the land use planning and entitlement process. 

Most projects are required to go through some aspect of the entitlement process, and many of those are required to go through one or more public hearing processes for approval. Other projects may be minor and do not go through a public hearing process but rather a staff approval process.

The main steps in the process are:


Pre-Application Process

Request a Pre-Application Meeting Online.



Prepare and submit completed application and checklist, along with all necessary documents.


Public Hearing
& Entitlement

Attend public hearing with board and/or city council for discussion and decision.

The following applications DO NOT require a pre-application meeting prior to submission:  Waivers, Alternate Method of Compliance Request, Appeals, Extension of Time, Fence Permits, Floodplain Development Development Permits, Lot Line Adjustment, Tree Removal, Vacations, Variances, and Zoning Permits.


A Pre-Application (PA) meeting will determine what process and land use applications will be required. Most land use applications require a pre-application meeting.  The Land Use Application Matrix of the public hearing process provides a general guide of processing based on project type. Most projects also have requirements for Public Outreach through the facilitation of a neighborhood meeting. There are different types of public hearings that may be a required as a part of the entitlement process. Entitlement process will determine what Public Outreach requirements will apply.

To determine if a pre-application meeting is required, please refer to the Land Use Application Matrix.  

If a pre-application meeting is required, please submit a Pre-Application request online, 24/7.  No appointment necessary. Upload documents to assist staff in evaluating the request fo they may provide the best information to you about your request. If a pre-application meeting is not required, please skip to Step 2 below.

Once you have submitted your Pre-Application request, you will be contacted typically within forty-eight (48) hours to schedule your pre-application meeting.  This meeting provides the city and the applicant a more complete understanding of the size, scope, and feasibility of the request. The pre-application meeting is typically a 1/2 to 1-hour meeting in which the applicant meets with their assigned planner and other staff to discuss the project request.

Public Outreach - Most projects also have requirements for holding a neighborhood meeting. Entitlement process will determine what public outreach requirements will apply prior to submission of a formal application.


The formal submittal process can only begin after the pre-application meeting has occurred (if applicable).

Submit your completed application, checklist, required documentation, and any applicable fees or deposits to the Planning and Zoning Department, located in City Hall at 660 E. Civic Lane.

Folding of Plans for Submittal - With the exception of construction drawings, all plans larger than 8.5 x 11" are required to be collated in complete sets and folded according to department standards.  Unfolded or improperly folded plans and applications WILL NOT be processed.  For instructions showing the proper folding techniques, click here.

Submittals will be routed to the Planning Staff for review.  Staff will contact the applicant with any corrections needed or items that are missing.  Once the review is complete and all issues are addressed, applicant will be notified of the hearing date, unless such application is to be reviewed at a staff level (see Land Use Application Matrix below).  Applicant will need to post necessary signage as required, and prepare for hearing (if applicable).


Applicant will need to attend the public hearing and be prepared to answer any questions the Board or City Council may have. The applicant may contact the Project Planner with any questions about the hearing.   If the application does not require a hearing, the application will move directly to the entitlement step.

After the public hearing, the applicant will receive a letter and any other information to proceed to the next steps.

The table of the public hearing process provides a general guide of processing based on project type.  To download a copy of the Land Use Application Matrix, click here.

Planning Application Pre-Application Mtg. Req'd Staff Level Approval Design Review Board Parks, Pathways & Recreation Commission 4


Planning & Zoning Commission City Council
Annexation & Rezone X X X
Appeal X X
Appeal (Design Review) X X X
Comprehensive Plan Amendment X X X
Conditional Use Permit X X X
Design Review1

Design Review (Sign - Board Level)2

Design Review Sign - Staff Level) X X
Design Review Modification3

Development Agreement Modification X X X
Extension of Time (Conditional Use) X X
Extension of Time (Design Review) X X
Extension of Time (Final Plat) X X
Extension of Time (Preliminary Plat) X X
Fence Permit X
Final Planned Unit Development X X X
Floodplain Development Permit X X
Home Occupation (Class C) X X
Lot Line Adjustment X X
Parcel Division X X
Plat (Combined Prelim/Final) X X X X
Plat (Condominium) X X X
Plat (Final) X X X
Plat (Preliminary) X X X X
Plat (Preliminary - Modification)2

Rezone X X X
Tree Removal X X
Vacation X X X
Variances X X X
Waivers X X
Zoning Amendments X X X
Zoning Permit X X