Downtown Master Plan

Key Downtown Elements Landscape (1)

In 2021, the City of Eagle created a Downtown Eagle Advisory Board. One of the first assignments the board was tasked with was to create a Downtown Eagle Master Plan to chart a course for the future of Downtown Eagle.

The preparation of this master plan will represent a pivotal turning point for managing growth in Downtown Eagle and will set the pace for a new era of planning for economic revitalization of the Downtown District.  The plan will provide a framework that can help guide development and redevelopment, land use decisions, and improvements to streets and public spaces over the next 5-10 years.   

It is the goal of the City of Eagle to improve the quality of life for residents in Eagle, create jobs and economic development in Downtown, create important gathering places for residents, workers and visitors in Downtown, and cultivate a walkable and vibrant Downtown with several areas of interest and activity from morning to evening!

The Downtown Master Plan will look at:

  • Creating a vision for downtown that will be used as a guide for the preparation of the Master Plan
  • Downtown’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats
  • How to attract new businesses 
  • How to support and foster growth of existing businesses
  • How to attract local residents and visitors
  • How to make it easier and more desirable to walk in downtown
  • How to make it easier to find a parking space
  • How to encourage appropriate new development or redevelopment
  • How to improve green spaces
  • How to activate public spaces and create a true gathering place for the heart of our community
  • Key features and characteristics related to context, function, use, and connectivity
  • Potential change in the uses or character of public and private properties over time
  • Potential capital projects
  • Potential funding mechanisms
  • Downtown district needs and organizational structure
  • And, most importantly, the community’s needs, desires, and ideas for moving forward with improving the downtown

Public input is needed to make sure that the Master Plan reflects everyone’s vision, needs and ideas.

In order to gather resident, visitor, business owners, property owners and other stakeholder feedback and input, the City of Eagle will hold several workshops and/or focus groups, along with online interactive surveys and activities. Information collected will be used to generate a better picture of what the future could be for the downtown, with some ideas on how the surrounding area could also change as a result. 

Community Interactive Workshop #1 (Virtual)

This virtual workshop will  begin on May 24, 2022 and be open until July 10, 2022.  The workshop consists of a  short survey and an interactive mapping exercise.   The mapping exercise will allow you to locate a spot on the map and comment on things you like, that need improvement, things you don't like, or idea suggestions.