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General Data

As a whole, the Treasure Valley (Metro Area) has experienced unprecedented employment growth over the past decade and a half. The Treasure Valley's notoriety for a high quality of life makes employee attraction highly attainable as shown by the consistent ranking as one of the Top Ten Metros for In-Migration. Roughly 716,000 plus residents, 27,000 business establishments and over a dozen tech schools, colleges and universities call the Treasure Valley region home.

Employment Wages & Employment Growth by Occupation

Major Occupation Group
EmploymentWages5-Year Annualized Employment growth

EmployLocation QuotientMetro AreaUSA% above/below US AverageMetro AreaUSA% faster/slower than US Average
Total - All Occupations332,2541.00$42,800$49,300-13.0%3.2%1.6%100.0%
Office & Administrative Support 51,1731.04$33,800$37,200-9.0%3.0%1.6%88.0%
Sales & Related34,6401.02$36,800$40,700-10.0%2.6%1.2%117.0%
Food Preparation & Serving Related27,7340.97$21,200$23,900-11.0%5.0%2.6%92.0%
Transportation & Material Moving19,4930.86$32,400$35,900-10.0%3.3%2.2%50.0%
Construction & Extraction19,0831.27$39,500$48,900-19.0%7.2%1.7%59.0%
Healthcare Practitioners & Technical17,6440.94$75,500$79,100-5.0%2.7%1.7%59.0%
Education, Training & Library16,8400.90$42,300$54,600-23.0%2.1%0.9%133.0%
Business & Financial Operations15,7130.92$64,500$75,100-14.0%3.2%1.6%100.0%
Personal Care & Service13,0271.00$22,600$26,200-14.0%3.3%2.0%65.0%
Installation, Maintenance & Repair12,4060.98$43,000$46,700-8.0%3.4%1.5%127.0%
Building & Ground Cleaning and Maintenance11,7281.00$25,900$27,900-7.0%3.6%1.0%260.0%
Computer & Mathematical9,0860.93$70,700$88,000-20.0%3.3%2.4%38.0%
Healthcare Support8,6400.93$28,400$30,300-6.0%3.1%2.1%48.0%
Architectural & Engineering6,9861.24$75,500$84,300-10.0%3.1%0.9%244.0%
Protective Services5,9950.84$40,400$44,000-8.0%2.0%1.1%82.0%
Community & Social Service5,8501.10$43,000$46,900-8.0%1.6%1.9%-16.0%
Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, & Media5,2880.89$45,400$57,800-21.0%2.0%1.0%100.0%
Farming, Fishing & Forestry4,6532.13$26,600$27,000-1.0%2.3%1.0%130.0%
Life, Physical & Social Science2,8971.07$59,500$72,900-18.0%1.7%1.0%70.0%
Legal Occupations2,3650.87$78,700$105,900-26.0%0.0%0.3%-100.0%

Inflow/Outflow of Primary Jobs 

The current commuting patterns for Eagle indicate that over 9,000 workers commute to areas outside of Eagle for jobs and more than 6,000 workers commute into Eagle from outside areas. However, the total available workforce is over 350,000

Labor Market Size (Primary Jobs, 2015)

  • Employed in Eagle - Count: 7,061
  • Living in Eagle - Count: 10,090 people
  • Net Job Inflow (+) or Outflow (-) - Jobs: -3,029

In-Area Labor Force (Primary Jobs, 2015)

  • Internal Jobs Filled by Outside Workers - Count: 6,155
  • Internal Jobs Filled by Residents - Count: 906
  • Living in Eagle - Count: 10,090
  • Living in Eagle, Employed Elsewhere: 9,184