Development Impact Fee Advisory Committee


The Committee holds meetings each month for at least nine months of the year.

Agendas & Minutes

To request agendas or minutes visit Laserfiche WebLink, or fill out the Public Records Request.


  • Robert Grubb
  • Jane Kramer
  • Zach Pence
  • Eric Fillmore

The Committee shall consist of two members who are active in the business of development, building or real estate. People living in the area of impact are entitled to representation on the Committee. Members of the Committee are appointed to a four-year term.


 The Committee serves in an advisory capacity and has been established to assist the City in:

  • Adopting land use assumptions
  • Advise the Mayor and Council of the need to update or revise land use assumptions, capital improvements plan and development impact fees
  • Monitor and evaluate the implementation of the capital improvement plan
  • Review the capital improvements plan