Eagle Youth Soccer League

Eagle Youth Soccer League is a recreational program with a community focus.  The purpose of this program is to provide our players a safe environment to learn and grow and to provide families a welcoming experience.  We support healthy competition and believe that every child can be their individual best when they receive positive support.


$50 Registration Fee
$10 sibling discount for each additional child automatically applied at checkout

$20 Uniform Kit (includes reversible jersey, shorts, and socks)
Returning players may use previous uniforms.  Returning families must remove this option at checkout.  

It is not a requirement to be an Eagle resident to participate.  Non-Eagle residents will see an additional $10 within their total fees.



Season Dates

August 23               Practices begin

September 9           Games begin

October 15              Season ends 


Division        Age at Start

U6 Girls            4-5

U6 Boys           4-5

U8 Girls            6-7

U8 Boys            6-7

U10 Girls          8-9

U10 Boys          8-9

U12 Girls          10-11

U12 Boys          10-11*
*The U12 Boys division is accepting wait list registration only at this time.  Those on the wait list will be added to the league when/if the wait list reaches 4 players total.  Please complete registration through the established link on this page and you will be added to the wait list with no associated fee.   


Eagle Youth Soccer follows rules and guidelines set forth by U.S. YOUTH SOCCER.  

Ball sizes:

U6      #3

U8      #3

U10    #4

U12    #4

Goal sizes:

U6 - U8        4' x 6'

U10             6' x 18'

U12             7' x 21'


Shin guards are required, cleats are encouraged

U8 - U12
Shin guards and cleats are required.

Note:  When purchasing cleats please ensure there is not a cleat at the toe of the shoe.  While most cleats will work for most sports soccer requires that there is no toe cleat for safety purposes.    


Games for all divisions may be held on either Thursday or Friday evenings.  Games are dependent on overall registration and space is reserved by City of Eagle Parks and Recreation.    

Schedules will be posted a minimum of one week prior to the games beginning.

Games are held at either MERRILL PARK or GUERBER PARK.

Note:  U12 teams will participate in the local Outback League.  This league plays games on Saturdays and games take place both in Eagle and surrounding communities.  Families within U12 must be willing to travel outside of Eagle for Saturday games.        


Practices are held one evening per week.  Teams will hold three total practices prior to game play.   Times are determined by the volunteer coach while taking into consideration the needs of the team.  

Typical start times are between 5:00 - 6:30.  Run times vary between 45 minutes and 1.5 hours based on age and field availability.  For example, a U6 team may practice 5:00-5:45 while a U12 team may practice 5:00-6:30.      

City of Eagle Parks and Recreation holds designated practice space and assists with assigning practices at Merrill Park and Guerber Park.   As a general guide, though it may vary, U6 and U8 teams will practice at Merrill Park and U10 and U12 teams will practice at Guerber.  

Note:  U12 teams may practice two evenings per week given field and coach availability.  

Team Formation:

Teams are formed based on coach request, teammate request and/or the school your child attends.  If you so choose you may select the school closest to your home for placement.  If no information is provided players are placed where need exists.

If you learn that a friend or neighbor is playing after registering simply email Dane at dknickrehm@cityofeagle.org with the player or coach name to be added to your registration information.  

Note:  Practice requests are not accepted.  While we appreciate that families have busy schedules we cannot accommodate these requests. 


New players will purchase a $20 uniform kit which includes reversible jersey, shorts, and socks.

Returning players may utilize their uniform from previous seasons.  Returning families must remove the $20 fee during checkout.  

Note:  While socks are included in the uniform kit and all players' socks must match during play teams are welcome and encouraged to provide matching socks of other colors and/or designs to establish an individual team identity.      

Coaches are volunteers!  Please consider volunteering today!

Coaches who complete the background check process and who attend orientation receive a $20 rebate on their child's registration at the conclusion of the season. 

All coaches are provided resources and tools to be successful.  Our goal is to make you great and support you throughout your time with us.

This league can ONLY run with parent volunteers and it is our goal to ensure you feel prepared, supported, and ready to lead our players to a fun season!

Positive Coaching Alliance Meeting
August 4th
6:00pm - 7:15pm

Volunteer Coach Orientation
August 17th
6:00pm - 7:30 pm


Dane Knickrehm
Recreation Coordinator
Call/Text: 208-866-6365
Email:  dknickrehm@cityofeagle.org 

Recreation, Done Right.

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