Art Galleries

The Eagle Arts Commission maintains two elegant display spaces located at EagleGallery Space City Hall and St. Luke's in Eagle. The Eagle Arts Commission schedules individuals and group exhibits to showcase their work on a monthly bases. 

The gallery spaces are free and open to the public any time during regular business hours. Monday through Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, excluding major holidays.

Artists interested in learning more about the exhibit opportunities can contact the Eagle Arts Commission at

October Galleries

City Hall Gallery: Beverly Chick

Artist Statement: "Beverly is a mixed media artist & art teacher with her own business, Chick Artistic Creations. 

Beverly first became interested in art at eleven. She studied art at Fullerton Community College and Boise State University. She graduated from Fullerton College with an Associate Degree in art. 

When she moved to Boise, the spectacular natural beauty of Idaho greatly influenced her artistic direction to include a new theme of animals and nature. This continues to b_e a strong theme in her artwork. 

With experimentation she learned the strengths and weaknesses of various art media. A favorite technique that she developed combines colored pencil and Turpenoid , using a cotton swab as a paint brush. This makes the colored pencil look more like a painting. New dimensions are added to this technique with pastel, watercolor & acrylic. 

Recently, the direction of Beverly's art has taken a turn into illustration art and she is working towards establishing herself as an illustration artist. 

In 2007 Beverly's portrait of Princess Diana was published in a coffee table book, "Diana in Art", Caxton Publishing. In 2017 she designed a music CD cover and logo for Richard Soliz and the Blue Rayz."

Blue Nose Dog by Beverly Chick

painting of a fluffy white dog's face with brown eyes and a blue nose

St. Luke's Gallery: Ulysses Albert III

Artist statement coming soon.

The King and His Army by Ulysses Albert III

Painting of a lion with doves flying in the sky around him.