How do I find the zoning of my property?

We always recommend that you check with the City Planning & Zoning office at 208-939-0227, but if you are looking after office hours or you want to check for yourself: 

Step One: Check the Ada County Assessor’s Website. The Ada County Assessor maintains a land record system that is available online: This system lets you search by address, parcel number, or subdivision. Once you find the property, look for "Zone Code" to the left of the picture. A screenshot of the Ada County Assessor's website, which shows the parcel information for Eagle C

Step Two: Once you have the zoning code you need to compare that to the Eagle City Code 8-2-1: Zoning Districts, which can be found online at the following link: This section of Eagle City Code will also give you information about permitted uses within the zone and setbacks. 

Please Note: The County Assessor’s website is not always up-to-date and the City Planning & Zoning should be contacted for the most accurate information.

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