Can I recycle water bottles?
GREAT news recyclers!  
We have added a new service! At home, you can recycle cardboard, cans, and thick #1 plastics in your blue bin. The energy bag (orange bag) is where you put other plastics #2-7. 
What about disposable water bottles? They generally have the #1 recycle number on them but because they are so thin, they often cause contamination of paper products when processing and therefore, cannot be placed in your blue bin. 
Solution? We are testing out a pilot program and have placed a water bottle recycling station next to the Library. 
It’s the same place where you can also recycle glass! 
We understand that the new recycling restrictions can be frustrating but we appreciate the opportunity to try new programs and keep recyclables out of the landfill. #EagleisHOME

Confusing? We are here to answer questions but when in doubt, throw it out! 

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