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Public Records Information Request

  1. Public Records Information Request

    • Idaho Code §74-103 - If more than three working days are needed to process this request, the requestor shall be notified, with the documents or response following within ten days.
    • Fees may be associated with the processing of this request, per Resolution 18-34.
    • If request is submitted via e-mail or online, please call within 24 hours to confirm receipt.

  2. By Submitting This Form:

    Under penalty of perjury, you hereby certify that you will not be using, nor will you allow to be used in any form or manner, the records, documents, or lists (hereinafter “Data”) obtained from the City of Eagle as a mailing or telephone number list for any purpose, including soliciting, market research, etc., in accordance with Idaho Code Sections 74-102(5)(b) and 74-120(b).

  3. By checking this box I understand that once turned into the City, this document becomes public record and may be obtained by any individual(s) in accordance with Idaho State Code 74-102:*

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