Emerging/Developmental Target Industries

Emerging or Developmental sectors represent those sectors for which Eagle does not have a high concentration of existing industry clusters, but have the potential to align with desired attributes of the community and its residents as identified through the City's Target Industry Analysis and during the City's Comprehensive Planning process.  Such desired attributes include greater economic diversification, creation of more local jobs for residents that commute out for work, and the development of an economic identity outside of a "bedroom community"

Positive Location Considerations

  • Part of one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the nation (Boise Metro)
  • Appealing climate with plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities; ability to test products outdoors
  • Affordability and reliability of utilities
  • High quality of life amenities
  • High percentage of workers with bachelor's degree or higher
  • Strong training pipeline supported by local universities and colleges
  • Four (4) major transportation corridors traveling through and around the City
  • Direct connection to I-84 via Eagle Road (Hwy 55)
  • Easy access via Boise airport to major markets
  • Low cost of doing business
  • Existing industry base
The emerging/developmental sectors identified by Eagle are:
health and wellness