Reopening After COVID-19

As Idaho begins to reopen, businesses will have to deal with the uncertainty of managing what will most likely be new regulations, ongoing management and phased stages of opening.  It is important that businesses not only understand the current guidelines from local and state agencies, but, more importantly understand their company, their employees, and their customers.  Businesses will need to think strategically about how to reopen, rather than just simply opening their doors and resuming what we used to know as "normal". 

In these times of uncertainty, the most critical skill is to be able to adapt as conditions change.  Most businesses have focused on communicating safety measures to consumers to reassure them their products and services are safe.  This information will need to remain accessible to consumers for the foreseeable future.  However, as the economy begins to reopen, businesses should shift their focus to engaging consumers with relevant content and keeping them informed of how your business is adapting to the current situation. It is likely that consumers age 65+ may be more cautious than younger demographics, and therefore, your business may need to adapt to better serve your customer base.  

The following is a compilation of the best available information and practices obtained from local, state and national experts to help businesses operate safely.  


Coronavirus Re-Opening Best Practices by International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC)
Recovery Readiness, A How-To Guide to Reopening Your Workplace by Cushman & Wakefield
Ready to Open - A Playbook for Your Small Business by US Chamber of Commerce
Standardized Employee Screening Questionnaire
CDC Reopening Guidance for Cleaning and Disinfecting Public Spaces, Workplaces, and Businesses
Department of Labor - Families First Act Q & A
A Guide to COVID-19 and Your Finances:  What You Need to Know

Customizable Workplace Flyer
How to Protect Yourself and Others (signage)
Important Information About Covering Your Face (signage)
How to Safely Wear and Take Off a Cloth Face Covering (signage)
Stop the Spread of Germs (signage)
Symptoms of Coronavirus Disease 2019 Poster (signage)


Retail, Restaurants & Bars:

National Retail Federation’s Operation Open Doors
CDC's Reopening Decision Tree for Restaurants and Bars 
National Restaurant Association’s Reopening Guidance
Recovery Readiness:  Restoring Retail Confidence

Home Service Providers:

AIHA’s Reopening Guidance for At-Home Service Providers 

Construction Businesses:

AIHA’s Reopening Guidance for Construction Environments 

Gyms and Fitness Facilities:

AIHA’s Reopening Guidance for Gyms and Workout Facilities 

Office-Based Businesses:

AIHA’s Reopening Guidance for General Office Settings 

Hair and Nail Salons:

AIHA’s Reopening Guidance for Hair and Nail Salons

Industrial/Manufacturing Industry

Recovery Readiness:  Industrial Solutions


CDC’s Interim Guidance for Airlines and Airline Crew

Childcare Programs:

CDC's Reopening Decision Tree for Childcare Programs

Camps and Youth Programs:

CDC's Reopening Decision Tree for Camps and Youth Programs


CDC's Reopening Decision Tree for Schools


American Bar Association - COVID-19 Mental Health Resources
Harvard Business School - Lead Your Team into a Post-Pandemic World