Eagle Youth Basketball League

2022 Girls
October 24th - December 16th (grades 1st - 5th)
Registration Deadline:  October 3rd

2022 Boys
January 23rd - March 10th (grades 1st - 5th)
Registration Deadline:  January 2nd

Eagle Youth Basketball League is a recreational program with a community focus.  The purpose of this program is to provide our players a safe environment to learn and grow and to provide families a welcoming experience.  We support healthy competition and believe that every child can be their individual best when they receive positive support.

Keep your weekends open!  This program is held weekday evenings.


$60 Registration Fee
$10 sibling discount for each additional child automatically applied at checkout.  Make sure to have both players registration in your cart in a single transaction.
$10 fee for non-Eagle residents (this includes those living within 83616 but outside City boundaries)

$20 Uniform Kit (includes jersey and shorts)
Returning basketball players may use last season's uniforms and save $20.  You must manually remove this option from your cart.  


Coaches are Volunteer Parents.   Consider Volunteering today!

Lead Coaches receive a 100% program registration rebate for volunteering.   Supporting coaches receive a 50% program registration rebate.      

All coaches are provided resources, practice guides, and equipment to be successful.  Coaches may select practice day and time to work around their schedule needs.  There are no mandatory meetings that challenge your schedule.  Our goal is to make you great and support you throughout your time with us.

This league can ONLY run with parent volunteers, and it is our goal to ensure you feel prepared, supported, and ready to lead your players to a great season.  

Simply indicate the person interested in coaching by including full name and contact information within registration.  Send us an email with specific questions. 


The format of this program will be 3 v 3, meaning, three players from each team will be on the court at one time.  Team sizes will be no larger than 6 players.

3 v 3 encourages skill development.  Each player will have the opportunity to handle the ball more often and in a less crowded space.  This provides space for dribbling, passing and shooting.   

League Divisions (1st - 5th grades)

Divisions will be separated by grade level.  We may combine levels if needed into 1st-2nd, 3rd-4th.  5th will not be combined and must have participation levels which support it on its own.  

We reserve the right to expand to a 5v5 format in 3rd/4th should it allow a broader scope of youth in the community to participate and we deem it appropriate from a program quality and player experience standpoint.

Developmental Division (ages 5-6)

$45 Registration Fee

This age group participates in six 45-minute sessions on Tuesdays and Wednesdays beginning January 31st and finishing March 8th.  Each session is limited to 10 participants.  Players will learn skills and concepts through play and activities taught by Eagle Parks and Recreation staff.

Session 1    COED 5:30 - 6:15

Session 2    COED 6:30 - 7:15

Ages 5-6 participate at Eagle School of the Arts.

Note:  This information under this heading pertains solely to the Age 5-6 division.  The rest of this page is devoted to the divisions above (1st-4th).


Weeknights, Thursday or Friday, with game times of 5:00, 5:30, 6:00, 6:30, or 7:00.  

Games consist of four 8-minute quarters.

Games will be held at:

Eagle School of the Arts (Winter only)

Eagle Hills

Galileo STEM

Seven Oaks


Practices are held once per week for an hour at the above schools and will be on a weeknight between Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.  Practices are established through Eagle Parks and Recreation and the needs of our volunteer coaches.    

Team Formation:

Teams are formed based on coach request, teammate request and/or the school your child attends.  If you so choose you may list the public school closest to your home for placement with those in your neighborhood.  If no information is provided players are placed where need exists.

Teams will consist of no more than 6 players.

If you learn that a friend or neighbor is playing after registering simply send us an email with the player or coach name to be added to your registration information.  

Note:  Practice requests are not accepted.  While we appreciate that families have busy schedules we cannot accommodate these requests. 


Uniform Kits consist of a reversible jersey and shorts.  Kits are $20 and available during registration.  Once purchased uniforms can be used in future basketball seasons.  

Note:  If you participated in Eagle Youth Soccer the basketball kit and soccer kit are different.  The basketball kit will need to be purchased for basketball purposes.  


Eagle Youth Basketball will utilize USA BASKETBALL guidelines in establishing standards.  

Rules are adapted to the developmental stages of each age level. 

Ball sizes:

Pre-K - K      27.5"

1st - 2nd      27.5"

3rd - 4th       28.5"

Hoop Height:

Pre-K - K      6' - 8' (both heights available due to varying skill levels)

1st - 2nd      8'

3rd - 4th      9'

*Hoop height may not be exact and is dependent on school equipment


Our goal is to hire and train positive role models as City staff to officiate basketball games and to represent the City of Eagle at each facility during game play.  

That being said, staffing is a challenge within our community.  While we are hopeful we must also be realistic in stating that it may be volunteer coaches, community members, and/or parents facilitating games to the best of their ability.

We ask that you keep in mind that the overall goal is to hire and train staff but it simply may not be possible.  We also ask that you keep it in perspective that it is youth basketball, is meant for fun, friendship, and building self-confidence.  Wins and losses should never be our focus, and our volunteers are doing their best to create a positive experience for all players.  Negative behavior, criticism, or treatment of these individuals and/or their effort and intention will NOT be tolerated.    


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Basketball Top
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