City Hall Expansion

Completed City Hall Expansion Views

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In 2006, City Hall was built with the intent that it would be expanded in the future.   The previous Eagle City Council and Mayor purchased the Landing Community Center in July 2019 for $1.15M. 

The 2020 City Council and current Mayor did not think the Landing was a needed or appropriate piece of property for the Parks and Recreation Department and determined that the City would be better off selling the property and adding on to the existing City Hall building as it was originally intended. Expanding City Hall would gain an additional 10,000 square feet, nearly doubling the available space for city business and community activities. Also, the purchase of the Landing and the money set aside to improve it was $2M, which was the same initial cost estimate for the City Hall expansion. The sale of the Landing also would put the property back in the tax base.

The 2020 City Council and current Mayor voted to sell the Landing and apply proceeds to expand City Hall. The City went through the municipal auction process to sell the Landing. The property sold through the auction for $1.65M in August 2020. 

For the City Hall expansion, the City put out Requests For Proposals (RFP) and obtained multiple bids.  With the cost of construction and material inflated, the final project (RFP) amount for construction was $3.34M. These increased costs were offset by the proceeds of selling the 35-acre land on Floating Feather Road for $9.1M. The contract was awarded to Wright Brothers Construction. They completed the project under budget during Covid when building supplies were hard to secure and inflation spiked to 8.2%.

The City of Eagle broke ground on the City Hall expansion in June of 2021. The expansion was completed in May 2022.

Concept Design Renderings of City Hall Expansion

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