Downtown Advisory Board

The City of Eagle, by resolution of the City Council, established this advisory board to provide sustainability and continued redevelopment and revitalization of the City’s downtown planning areas. To accomplish its mission, the board will work closely with organizations, businesses, property owners, City Staff, and community groups to develop an Eagle Downtown Master Plan which will include goals, objectives, implementation strategies, and an action plan, which in turn will promote city-wide economic development efforts and foster downtown revitalization.  In addition, the board will have task items in which to work through on matters pertaining to issues impacting the economic, social, cultural, environmental, physical, and educational conditions in Downtown Eagle.

Board Configuration

The board consists of five (5) voting members and four (4) non-voting liaison members as follows:

Voting Board Members

  • Mark Butler
  • CJ Cacioppo
  • Meg Glasgow
  • Mark McAllister
  • Aimee Ricci

Non-Voting Liaison Positions

  • Tammie Halcomb, City of Eagle Economic Development Specialist
  • Brad Pike, City of Eagle Council Member
  • Ashley Squyres, Eagle Urban Renewal Agency Executive Director

Board Meetings

The Board will conduct regular monthly meetings at City Hall.  Special meetings may be requested by the Economic Development Director and/or Mayor, the Chair of the Board, or by a majority of the voting members.   All meetings are open to the public and the Board will comply with the Idaho Open Meetings Act, including posting of notices and agendas.


For more information about this board, or to request to be put on the agenda, please contact Tammie Halcomb at (208) 489-8780 or by email at: