Eagle Foothills Shooting Sports Park

A man in a red shirt aims a handgun. The City of Eagle has collected feedback on the proposed Shooting Sports Park in the Eagle Foothills. The 80-acre park would be located on Willow Creek Road, about 3 miles north of Beacon Light Road. The survey was open through March 21, and the results are now available to download.  

  • Click here to download the summary
  • Click here to download the full dataset with user commentsUpdate: April 14, 2022:  In the conversion of the results of Eagle Shooting Sports Park Survey from Excel to PDF the insertion of page headers deleted multiple lines of data.  Several concerned citizens have brought this issue to our attention and after a line-by-line review the City is posting an updated and complete list of responses.  Thank you for your patience and understanding as we ensure the proper information is being provided.  The summary sheet is unchanged. 

On Wednesday, March 9, the City of Eagle held an open house to present the plan and get input from residents. If you missed the meeting, the presentation is available to review. 

The plan presented at the meeting is preliminary and will be updated based on resident and user feedback. 

On Tuesday, March 22, the Eagle City Council voted to move forward with a noise and transportation study for the area.