The Business Retention and Expansion (BR&E) Program is an effort by the City of Eagle to maintain open lines of communication and build enduring relationships. The Business Retention and Expansion Program is designed to gather information to help the city better support existing business success, business expansion, job retention, job creation, and increased investment in the community.   As part of the program, Economic Development staff will visit local businesses to obtain comprehensive information regarding the opportunities and challenges that exist for local business owners.   The visits are geared toward small and large businesses so that everyone can participate in the economic renewal process. 

After the site visits, businesses will receive assistance and resources to help address their specific needs.  The data collected through the program will be used to improve the business climate,  to update current economic development strategies and to recommend policy and or regulatory changes. 

Company Visits

We want to get to know you and your business!   Our business visitation team will come and meet with your company representative to obtain information about the business and any current issues or challenges, and any future expansion or growth plans.  Request a visit from a member of our team now.   Accommodations are made for companies who prefer an over-the-phone or email conversation,  or would like to simply answer questions through an online survey.