Eagle Road Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge

Eagle Road Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge

In April of 2022, a contract was issued to begin the construction of the Eagle Road Ped/Bike Bridge. The bridge will provide a safer way for walkers and cyclists to cross the North Channel of the Boise River along Eagle Road. Construction starts in September. The City originally earmarked $1.9 million for the project, but through the smart application of federal dollars, it is now only costing Eagle taxpayers $450,000. When complete, this bridge will better connect Eagle's northern and southern communities.


Nichoel Baird Spencer, Planner III, (208)939-0227, nbaird@cityofeagle.org

Eagle Road Ped/Bike Bridge Concept Art

Concept art of the Eagle Road Pedestrian/Bike Bridge over the Boise River