The Landing Sale & Eagle Museum Relocation 

Image of the old St. Mary white church that is now the Eagle Museum of History and Preservation.

Sale of the Landing Community Center

The previous Eagle City Council and Mayor purchased the Landing Community Center in July 2019 for $1.15M. The current City Council and Mayor determined that the City would be better off selling the property and adding on to the existing City Hall building as it was originally intended. The city went through the municipal auction process to sell the Landing. The property sold through the auction for $1.65M in August 2020.  

Move St. Mary’s Church/Eagle Museum Of History and Preservation

As part of the sale of this property, the City got to keep and move the St. Mary's Church historical building to City Hall and utilize this structure as our current Eagle Museum of History and Preservation. This relocation of the building helped recoup initial investment costs and prevent unnecessary future expenses to build a new museum or purchase another museum location.

Before moving the building, the city worked closely with the EPA requirements to ensure proper disposal of any asbestos associated with moving the building and secured all proper occupancy permits, inspections, and certifications.   The city paid professional movers to relocate the historical building to its current site at City Hall on August 19, 2020. The city made improvements to the building to have it become our current museum. Licensed asbestos contractors replaced the missing siding in December 2020.