Sale of 35-acre Property Off Floating Feather Road

Purchased and Sold 35-acre Property on Floating Feather Road

Image of undeveloped 35 acres in Eagle on Floating Feather.

The previous Eagle City Council and mayor purchased 35 acres of land off Floating Feather Road in Eagle for $2.5M in 2018 to install a dog park and 2 baseball fields.

In 2021, the City Council determined that this location was not the appropriate place for this park. Currently, parks are located near commercial areas or on the edges of town. With parks, you draw people into an area who are not normally there. The city parks average 500 to 1,000 people a day which is an additional minimum of 1,000 to 2,000 trips a day. This is a lot of extra cars on an already busy road due to the property's proximity to Eagle High School and Eagle Middle School. By selling this piece of property to be developed with a maximum of 70 homes, there would only be 700 additional car trips a day on Floating Feather, which would be significantly fewer cars on Floating Feather than having a park at this location.

Another factor for selling the 35 acres is that The Colony and other surrounding properties consist of one-acre plus lots with open three-rail fencing. People with large one-acre plus lots would not want or need a park adjacent to their subdivision because they have their own private property or established common areas within their subdivision.

Additionally, the city would have needed to spend an additional $2M on the park just to get it ready for amenities. 

Instead, City Council sold the land for $9.1M in 2021 so they could create a 139-acre Eagle Regional Sports Park off Highway 16. The City had already approved a development (Terra View) in 2007 that would be required to provide 21 acres of community park within this development.