Jackson House and Land Purchases

Orville and Floy Jackson Home on Eagle Road

Tudor style home that was owned by Floy and Jackson Orville.

Jackson House Purchase

The daughter of Orville and Floy Jackson lived in her family’s home most of her life. She came to the city in 2021 to say that she was ready to sell the house to the city. The mayor presented this idea to the city council in July 2021 and the city council directed Mayor Pierce to negotiate with the resident owner in August 2021.

The City of Eagle purchased the iconic Orville and Floy Jackson home located off Eagle Road for $1M in August 2021. As part of the contract, the city allowed the daughter of Orville Jackson, to continue to live in the home for one year so she would have time to relocate. The City also deed-restricted the property so that if the city was not willing to keep it in its current state, it would go back to its heirs at no cost.

September 10, 2022, marked the end of the lease agreement for her to reside in the home.  When the city did not hear from her by September 15, 2022, we had to serve her a Notice to Vacate on September 21, 2022, which requested she vacate the home by October 31, 2022.  The city has since received a letter from the occupant asking to extend the lease until Jan 31, 2023, and City Council agreed to that new date.


The property owner auctioned the property adjacent to the Jackson House with a $1M starting bid. We won the auction for the starting bid of $1M and paid a total of $1,050,000 which included the $50,000 buyer's premium in September 2021.