Eagle Spring Fling

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Volunteer Accomplishments: 

Here is the list of tasks our 247 volunteers accomplished during the combined 347 hours of service at our first Spring Fling: 

Ada/Eagle Sports Complex  (Bike Park): People painting the bike park fence.

  • Painted 15 Gallons of paint on fences
  • Dog waste pick up
  • Trash pick up

 Stephen Guerber Park:

  • Splash pad fixtures cleaned and waxed
  • Playground cleaned
  • Trash Pick Up
  • Volleyball pit raked

 Reid Merrill Park:People cleaning playground equipment at Eagle Spring Fling.

  • Splash pad fixtures cleaned and waxed
  • Playground cleaned
  • Trash pick up
  • Volleyball pit racked

 Friendship Park:

  • Concreate wall removed People removing working at the park for Eagle Spring Fling.
  • Trash removal

 Orville Kraisen Park:

  • Drainage Ditch dug out
  • Trees wells cleaned
  • Playground bark raked
  • Water value dug out
  • Fence Painted

 City Hall / Library : People removing concrete at the Eagle Spring Fling.

  • Flowers planted around the buildings.

McDonald’s Pathway:

  • Benches painted


April 22, 2023, 9 am to noon: Enjoy working together as a community to prep Eagle's Parks before they open! Bring your work gloves, family, neighbors, and friends to meet at one of  Eagle parks: Guerber, Merrill, Friendship, or Bike Park to participate in a variety of service opportunities for all ages:

  • Rake playground bark
  • Place aggregate in pathways
  • Place cobblestones in drainage
  • Paint walls, fences, bollards, benches/flagpole, and cover graffiti
  • Remove sod
  • Janitorial duties:  backboards of the basketball hoops, 
  • Trail maintenance
  • Splash Pad prep: wash, wax, and polish structures
  • Landscape clean up
  • Trash cleaned up off trails and roadside
  • Remove leaves from irrigation ditches
  • Refinish the concrete
  • Spruce up the RC track at the Eagle Bike Park- painting, collecting debris, etc.
  • Pick up dog waste at parks and on trails

Save time at check-in and fill out this Volunteer Sign Up Form.

A special thank you to Hardin SanitationHardin Sanitation Logo, a large blue "H" letter outlined in yellow, says since 1955. for sponsoring this event and providing Spring Fling t-shirts to our volunteers (while supplies last)!