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Dont Be Afraid to Try Eagle, Be Afraid That You Will Miss the OpportunityThe southwestern Idaho region is a hot market, and Eagle is a premier community where "coolness" happens every day. Our industries are growing and companies rely on our low cost of doing business, our talented and energetic workforce, access to market, quality of life, and our rapidly growing entrepreneurial environment.

Eagle, Idaho is aggressively creating new opportunities for business development. Everyday. 


The City of Eagle is pleased to consider potential incentives based upon factors such as capital investment, creation of tax revenue, job creation numbers and average wage.  

  • Business Services (facilitation of the development process, community outreach and hiring support needs)
  • Development Fee Waivers/Rebates (portion of or all)
  • Facilitation of Permits/Expedited Permitting
  • Foreign Trade Zone
  • Urban Renewal District/Tax Increment Financing

Department Collaboration

Internally, the City of Eagle Economic Development Department works hand in hand with the Planning and Building Departments, and the sewer and water districts to offer a “one-stop-shop” experience in order to warrant a seamless development process.

The City of Eagle economic development staff also works closely with Boise Valley Economic Partnership and Idaho Department of Commerce on economic development projects to ensure positive growth and success of Eagle and the region as a whole, and we work cooperatively with state and regional agencies to navigate through processes as diligently and efficiently as possible.

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Whether you are a company looking to locate, a local company looking to expand, a start-up looking to grow, or an entrepreneur with great ideas for a new product or business, we are here to help.

Contact our office by email, or give us a call at  208-489-8755 today and let us help you locate, start and grow your business!