Workforce Training

Workforce Development

Workforce development is an organized means of developing skills in the workforce. It is intended to enhance economic stability by focusing on the workers marketable work skills. Typically, workforce development and training is regionally focused. This is because most community's employee a certain percentage of their labor pool from outside of their own territory. 

Workforce development and training is critical to keep up with the ever-changing fast pace of technology advancements, in addition workforce development plays a role in the succession planning process of companies where retirees are leaving and taking a lifetime of skills with them. Workforce development is done both internally and externally. They provide on-the-job training opportunities as well as outside programs through workforce training centers, community colleges, and nonprofits.


For workforce development to be successful, the education and training must be fully accessible to all and applicable to the local market.

  • Accessible by means of location, time, and cost.
  • Applicable by establishing partnerships with community colleges, nonprofits, Department of Labor, and employers in the region to develop curriculum and "employer-driven" programs that train our workforce with the skills necessary to compete in the workplace.

This partnership extends to the local high schools to help facilitate the creation of career technical programs that are offered at the high school level or apprenticeship programs to assist in youth learning these skills and being prepared to enter into the workforce.

Education & Training

In Eagle, we are dedicated to the support and enhancement of workforce development both at a local level and regionally. Part of this support is providing you with resources to obtain educational opportunities or to help your employees with skill building.

The metro has several colleges and universities that provide workforce development and professional-technical education. The College of Western Idaho will work with companies to provide customized training on a curriculum that fits your needs.

Additionally, Eagle offers workforce training funds to qualified companies expanding or relocating in Idaho.

More Information

For more information on Idaho's Workforce Development Training Program, including eligibility requirements, click here.  

For more information on employee recruitment, training resources and support, business seminars and networking, and Idaho Labor Laws, visit the website.

Workforce Training Fund

If your company is expanding, bringing new jobs to Idaho or retraining existing employees at risk of permanent layoff, Idaho Workforce Development Training Funds may be available to help pay training costs.Take a look at the video below to hear from some of the recipients of Idaho's Workforce.

On-the-Job Training

Eligible employers can be reimbursed for up to 50 percent of training costs for hiring and training an eligible worker - often someone new to the labor force or upgrading skills after a layoff - for a full-time, non-seasonal job at minimum wage. Learn more on the website.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit

This credit can reduce your federal tax liability by up to $9,600 per eligible worker if your business qualifies. The program encourages employers to hire from targeted groups of disadvantaged job seekers. Learn more on the website.


Sponsoring apprenticeships helps close skill gaps in many industries and is an investment in the future.

Higher Education

For more information on workforce or career training, see our Higher Education page.