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Business Retention and Expansion Program

Existing businesses and industries form the foundation for local employment opportunities, for stabilizing a community's tax base, and for serving as a key engine for overall vitality and growth of our city. In order to support and foster and environment where existing businesses can grow, the City of Eagle's Economic Development Department has created a Business Retention and Expansion program.

This program is designed to identify and assess the needs and challenges of existing businesses in the community, and align them with opportunities, coordinated resources, and tools that will support their stability, growth and development.

The focus and goal of the Business Retention and Expansion program is to assist in connecting existing businesses with the right information, resources and programs, and in developing strong working relationships with our key businesses in the community.  To accomplish this, we proactively set up one-on-one on-site company visits with members of your leadership, management or human resource team to learn more about your company's thoughts, ideas, issues, concerns, plans for growth, and valuable insights into the local community.  This information allows the City to be in a position to better assist and help your business remain profitable, competitive, efficient and successful.  We provide resources and solutions to challenges relating to workforce, accessing capital, navigating the regulatory environment, assistance with real estate and site selection, and more. 

Whether you are looking to start a business or grow your business, our business resource page has information to assist you.
Naturally, we're not alone in this.  We work closely on an on-going basis with a broad array of community partners.

  1. Goals of the on-site company visit
  2. Community Partners
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  • Identify issues that impede business growth
  • Assist existing businesses with resolving issues
  • Build relationships and learn about the company
  • Facilitate access to local, state and federal programs designed to improve business competitiveness
  • Identify opportunities for the City of Eagle to help businesses thrive
  • Connect businesses to resources