Public Records

The City of Eagle has made it a top priority to make public records easily accessible to the public and is proud to provide several options for the public to utilize in obtaining public records. The City’s online records repository holds thousands of documents including agendas, minutes, contracts, permits, and much more.

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Granicus Helpful Tips

Documents associated with each meeting can be accessed by clicking the “Agenda” link to the right of the meeting body/date. To search for a specific topic on previous meeting agendas, use the “Search Archives” search bar, located below the Upcoming Events section.

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Laserfiche Helpful Tips

Use the search bar to find specific terms. To narrow your search, first click on a topic (i.e., agendas/minutes, agreements/contracts, building permits, etc.), then enter the desired term into the search bar. If you get a Cookies Error, click logout and reload the page.

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JustFOIA Helpful Tips

Use the “Search Archives” feature to review hot-topic requests that have already been fulfilled. Residential building plans: Residential building plans are eligible for destruction two-years after the issuance of a certificate of occupancy, in accordance with Idaho Code and the City’s Records Retention Policy. All plans prior to 2020 were authorized for destruction via Resolution 21-26.

Please note: Idaho Code Title 74 Chapter 1 (103) provides the agency (3) working days to respond to a public records request, and up to (10) days if more time is needed to fulfill the request.

Critical Infrastructure Documents

Other than public expenditure records, documents related to proposed or existing critical infrastructure systems are exempt from disclosure under Idaho Code 74-105(4)(b). For questions related to proposed or existing infrastructure systems, please contact the following:

Systems operated by the City of Eagle:

    • Fiber Internet: Public Works Director, Eric Ziegenfuss (208) 489-8793
    • City of Eagle Water: Water Superintendent, Ken Acuff (208) 489-8777

Systems operating independently within the City of Eagle:

    • Veolia Water: (208)-362-7304
    • Eagle Sewer: (208) 939-0132

Should you require further assistance locating public records, please contact Records Specialist Kristl Caron at 208-489-8833.