Downtown Eagle

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Downtowns have become increasingly attractive and popular places to live - and the same is true in downtown Eagle. From young professionals to families to empty nesters and retirees, each finds a dynamic downtown life they desire. Short commutes, walkability, aesthetics, and a critical mass of activities where commercial, cultural and civic amenities are concentrated are just some of the reasons more people are seeking a downtown living experience.

Downtown Eagle provides both indoor and outdoor spaces to meet friends and enjoy art and glass galleries, the Saturday Market, public art, the beautiful downtown Heritage Park, the library, several festivals and events, quaint restaurants, charming retail stores, and coffee and ice cream shops.

Nearby neighborhood resources ensure an excellent quality of life; senior citizen center, medical offices, fitness facilities, grocery stores, gas stations, auto parts stores, banks, and more.


Downtown businesses enjoy a large daytime population passing by or stopping in. Employees enjoy a charming neighborhood setting with green spaces, restaurants and coffee shops that are ideal for a lunch break or business meeting. Don't have time for lunch? That's ok, many restaurants and coffee shops serve quick bites for those on the go.


We are all about variety in our downtown - from dining, shopping, personal services, to events and activities. You can have a barista mix up your favorite coffee beverage while you stroll down to look at some high-tech mountain bikes. Then stop by one of our amazing restaurants for some contemporary Asian cuisine, fresh off the boat sushi, a slice of pizza at the local pizza parlor, or some BBQ and a draft brew at a hip standby. After lunch, grab some ice cream or artisan cookies and meet some friends in downtown Heritage Park, or do some clothes or gift shopping at one of our incredible boutique stores.

There is always something to do in downtown Eagle, and you will find plenty of entertainment options. In the spring and summer months, kids and adults alike enjoy relaxing in the park, playing in the fountains, or listening to music during the free outdoor concert series. Saturdays provide opportunity to enjoy local fruits, vegetables and artisan crafts at the Saturday Market. Many long-standing festivals and events take place downtown year-round, with Eagle Fun Days & Fireworks, the Harvest Festival, Country Christmas and of course Trick or Treating for Halloween. And, of course, this is just a few of the activities in downtown, but certainly not all.

A true "live, work, play experience". Downtown Eagle.