Art Galleries

The Eagle Arts Commission maintains two elegant display spaces located at EagleGallery Space City Hall and St. Luke's in Eagle. The Eagle Arts Commission schedules individuals and group exhibits to showcase their work on a monthly bases. 

The gallery spaces are free and open to the public any time during regular business hours. Monday through Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, excluding major holidays.

Artists interested in learning more about the exhibit opportunities can contact the Eagle Arts Commission at

March Galleries

City Hall Gallery: Davina Parypa

An oil painting of a black dog resting its head on some rocks.Artist Statement: Davina Parypa, Plein Air Painter and Fine Artist, (website) specializes in oils, watercolors, and dry media (graphite pencil, pen, and ink). She studied at Olympic Community College in Bremerton, Washington. Her major was integrated multimedia in Fine Arts. She has progressed and studied under several artists such as Jerry Stitt an AWS also an international watercolor artist, and Butch Krueger a Seattle Courtroom watercolor and sketch artist.

She has been an active member of the Plein Air Painters of Idaho since 2015. Her paintings reflect the movement and rhythm of her surroundings in the landscape while on site. She also works in a studio environment utilizing studies completed on-site along with photo references. She has participated in the Collective Visions Gallery Juried show in Bremerton, Washington.

Her artwork is included in numerous private collections throughout the US including the McCleod Family Collection, the Diane Nilsen Memorial, Olympic College Collection. She has also created many commissions.

St. Luke’s Gallery: Missy Cory

Abstract artwork that is bright on the left and dark on the right with swirling pink, orange, and yeArtist Statement: "I am intrigued by the intersections of art, science, and spirit. Where biology meets the alchemy of human experience. My work explores the transformative effect of specific moments and locations. How we perceive and integrate our surroundings is neurological, individual and spiritual. Our moments are both temporal and ethereal, and we are the intermediary. We imprint them, and they in turn, shape us.

I am drawn to patterns in my surroundings and processes in the body that reflect each other. The macrocosm and microcosm of universal order and elements around and within us, from celestial to terrestrial, we are a reflection. We are, indeed, stardust.

The images included are my most recent work, a new series entitled Micro Botanica. These are encaustic and mixed media paintings on cradled birch panels, created in January 2019. I integrate various media - encaustic wax, macro and microscopic photography, printmaking, drawing, thread, oil paint, watercolor, graphite, neopastel, and gold leaf.

My process approaches specific locations from both a scientific and experiential method. The imagery used draws from my site-specific observation - most recently from geologically significant locations in Sweden, Iceland, Norway, and Idaho. I capture my experience of time and place by gathering on-site drawings, photographs, sound recordings, and biological samples to place under my microscope. These natural patterns are integrated with biological structures and functions, DNA mapping, cosmos, and topography."