Animals on Trails and Pathways

Dog Friendly Trails and Pathways

leash dogs and pick up after pets logoLeashed dogs are allowed on all greenbelt pathways, and many of the trails at the Sports Complex.

Dogs are required to be on leashes on and around all trails and pathways (including the greenbelt) in the City of Eagle. Pet Waste must be picked up and placed in receptacles immediately and not left unattended for any amount of time. (See City codes 4.5.1 and 4.5.2 for more information) This policy is in place for the health and safety of all trail users.

Equestrian Trails

While it is our desire to do so, the City of Eagle does not currently own and/or manage equestrian trails. While there are trails that have traditionally been developed and used by area equestrians, these trails are not on City property. We urge you to respect the wishes and policies of the land owners.

Eagle Island State Park features equestrian trails.