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Posted on: March 31, 2020

Backflow Prevention and Testing

an illustration of a backflow device

It is the time of year to schedule your annual backflow test for any existing device. The need to have a backflow device is often a result of having a connection between your house water and your irrigation water, allowing you to choose the source for irrigation purposes.  Other common reasons are connections to pools, ponds, etc.  Not all homes or businesses have these additional connections and so have no need for a device and a subsequent test. Backflow is water, and/or other substances, flowing in the opposite direction of the normal and intended course. It can introduce contaminants into the water in your home and into the public drinking water system. City of Eagle Water customers with backflow prevention devices should have their testing completed and reported to the City no later than June 10, 2020. (Customers who receive water services through other providers should check with them regarding testing and reporting requirements.  Eagle Water Company customers, 208-939-0242; Suez Water Company customers, 208-362-1300.)

The City of Eagle Water Department has provided a comprehensive backflow guide for customers to refer to and an abbreviated list of licensed testers on their webpage (check local listings for a more complete list of testers). Click the link to check it out:

Questions? Email City of Eagle Water Department or call 208-489-8777.

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