Pole Barn Requirements

Submittal Requirements for a POLE BARN or POST FRAME Building in the City of Eagle 

The International Residential Code (IRC) for One- and Two-Family Dwellings provides a prescriptive method for building dwellings of a very basic design. Larger, more complex buildings (Pole Buildings) do not fit this prescriptive method of construction and requires engineering.

The IRC does not address buildings employing lateral soil bearing, where posts or poles used as columns are embedded in earth or concrete, such as a POST FRAME Building or a POLE BARN. A stamped engineered design with lateral analysis, axial and flexural loading and depth of embedment calculations is required.

Submittal documents for the purpose of obtaining a building permit must be prepared by a Licensed Design Professional (Title 54, Chp 3, Architects) in accordance with Idaho State Law. If the nature of the work is primarily Structural, the stamp of a Licensed Professional Engineer is acceptable.

If the building is to be heated or cooled, a separate permit shall be pulled for that install and the work must be completed by a Licensed Contractor (Must be IDAHO STATE LICENSE)

Posted: 12/10/19 JG

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