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Contact Us

  1. Contact the City

    You can email the City directly and with questions or concerns by filling out the form below. Please note, this form is not intended... More…

  2. Email Charlie Baun

    Email City Council Member Charlie Baun

  3. Email Melissa Gindlesperger

    Email City Council Member Melissa Gindlesperger

  4. Email the Building Department

    Send an email to the Building Department

  5. Email the Clerk's Office

    Send an email to the Eagle City Clerk

  6. Email the Eagle Museum

    Send an email to the Eagle Museum Staff

  7. Email the IT Department

    Email the City of Eagle IT Department

  8. Email the Planning and Zoning Department

    Send an email to the Eagle Planning and Zoning Department

  9. Email the Public Works Department

    Send an email to the Public Works Department

  10. Email the Water Department

    Send an email to the Water Department

  1. Email Brad Pike

    Email City Council Member Brad Pike

  2. Email Kenny Pittman

    Email City Council President Kenny Pittman

  3. Email Parks and Recreation

    Send an email to the Eagle Parks and Recreation Department

  4. Email the City Council

    Send an email to all members of the Eagle City Council

  5. Email the Eagle Arts Commission

    Send an email to the Eagle Arts Commission

  6. Email the Economic Development Department

    Send an email to the Eagle Economic Development Department

  7. Email the Mayor

    Send an email to Mayor Jason Pierce

  8. Email the Public Information Officer
  9. Email the Trails Superintendent

    Email the Trails Superintendent Steve Noyes

  10. Street Lights/Facilities Complaint Form

    The Public Works Department is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the City’s parks, facilities, street lights, vehicles,... More…

Economic Development

  1. Business Directory Submission Form
  2. Business Request for Information Form

    Need additional information? Use this form below to contact us.


    Commercial real estate form for Economic Development

  4. Eagle Strong: Open for Business Pledge Form
  1. Business Information Form

    Business information such as; hours, days open, and ways of providing service (curbside pickup, delivery, shipment)

  2. Business Retention Site Visit Request

    Form for requesting a site visit

  3. COVID-19 Immediate Business Assistance

    The City of Eagle is available to answers your questions or get you connected to the right resource. Please fill out the form below... More…

  4. Get Involved Branding Initiative

Historical Museum

  1. Volunteer Application

    Even if you only have an hour, we'll take you! Volunteer at the Eagle Historical Museum.

Parks, Pathways, & Recreation

  1. Contact Parks, Pathways, & Recreation
  2. Eagle Market Email Subscription
  3. Eagle Saturday Market Music Application

    The Eagle Saturday Market is accepting music applications for the 2021 season! This application will be open until all dates are... More…

  4. Join MYAC
  5. Special Events Music Application

    The City of Eagle Parks and Recreation is accepting music applications for the 2021 Special Event season! This application will be open... More…

  1. Eagle Country Christmas Volunteer Form

    Interested in volunteering at the 2021 Eagle Country Christmas Event? Fill out this form with your contact information. Our staff will... More…

  2. Eagle Parks and Recreation Camp & Class Submission

    Thank you for your interest in offering a new recreational opportunity to our community! Please complete this Program Proposal Form and... More…

  3. Fallen Tree on Trail

    If fallen tree does not pose an immediate threat to public safety please provide us with some important information.

  4. Report Unsafe Trail Conditions

    If the unsafe condition is an immediate threat to public safety call 911 now. If it is not an emergency in nature please provide us... More…

Permits, Applications, & Forms

  1. Eagle Community Foundation Application

    Grant distributions from the fund must benefit charitable organizations, projects, and/or activities in Eagle. Beneficiaries must hold... More…

Volunteer Forms

  1. Eagle Scout Project Form

    If you would like to work with the City of Eagle on an Eagle Scout Project please fill out this form.

  2. Shining Star Nomination Form
  1. Eagle Soaring Citizen Nomination Form