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Eagle Strong: Open for Business Pledge Form


    Please read and sign below.

  2. The Idaho Rebounds: Our Path to Prosperity Plan includes guidelines and protocols for re-opening businesses in Idaho. In addition, Central District Health has published guidance documents for: General Businesses Salons, Barbers, and Spas Gyms Long-Term Care Facilities Schools Childcare Providers Food Establishments

  3. The City of Eagle is working with local business owners to support the EAGLE STRONG: OPEN FOR BUSINESS Campaign. This campaign helps businesses that are following the Governor’s plan to open and operate a safe environment in their business, while consumers can easily tell that the business is following guidelines.

  4. As part of the Governor’s "Idaho Rebounds" phased plan to reopen businesses, every business is supposed to follow specific protocols and guidelines before reopening. To show their commitment, businesses can PLEDGE to follow the Idaho Rebound protocols. Each business that pledges to follow will receive a poster or window cling identifying their business reopening stage (Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, Stage 4) to display in their storefront. As a business owner, placing that poster or window cling in your front door or window will tell consumers that you are keeping their health and safety in mind.


    By submitting this form, I pledge to follow the Idaho Rebound Plan protocols.

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