• Goats by Laurie Asahara
  • Moving Day by Laurel Lake McGuire
  • Sheep Crossing by Joyce Green
  • Color Code by Petronio Bendito
  • Sculpture at Guerber Park
  • Electrical box with a painting of a bluebird on it.
  • Sculpture of a soldiers helmet, rifle, and boots.
  • Electrical box with images of a yellow cat and white birds on a green background.
  • Electrical box with an image of a cowboy on a bull with horses and a crowd in the background.
  • Bench with metal cutouts that look like women.
  • Sculpture with diamond shaped base and crown shaped top at eagle road and plaza drive.
  • Textured Stone Bench
  • Bench with a Carrot, Wing, Tree, Building, and Heart Making up the Back
  • Dark Bench in Front of Lilies
  • River Flowing Next to Trees with Fall Leaf Colors
  • Girl Standing Among Red and Yellow Tulips
  • Statue of an Old Man and Child Behind a Wheel
  • White Gazebo
  • Rows of Lavender Growing in a Field
  • Flat Tan Bench
  • Sunset Scene
  • Cowboy Herding Horses
  • Hot Air Balloon over Water Behind Liquor Store Sign
  • Group of People with Leaves Blowing Overhead
  • Red and White Classic Truck
  • Curved Bench on a Brick-Paved Area
  • Bench with Fish and Water on the Back
  • Rows of Flags in a Grassy Field
  • Head-on View of a Black and White Cow
  • Outdoor Mural of a Birds-Eye View of the City
  • Egg Crate Bench
  • Sculpture of an Eagle on a Post with Spread Wings Above a Platform That Reads City of Eagle
  • Asymmetrical Wooden Bench

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